How to choose a coworking space in Malaga: What to look for

Whether you are a digital nomad, freelancer or small business – coworking spaces can offer you or your employees a range of benefits and a greater degree of flexibility than a dedicated private office.

Research has found that 83% of people working from coworking spaces feel less isolated and that 82% expanded their professional network since joining one.

In Spain there are over 1,500 coworking spaces and, according to coworker.com you have over 28 to choose from here in sunny Malaga.

But what things should you consider when selecting a coworking space? Read on to find out.

What to look for in a coworking space:

Coworking Facilities

Although there are many secondary benefits to working in a shared space with others, the main objective is finding a place where you can get work done in an efficient manner. 

The quality of the facilities in a coworking space can impact your productivity and concentration.


ethernet internet cableThe most critical component for remote working is an internet connection that offers stability and speed. 

Generally, any internet with a speed of above 100Mbps is considered “fast” – our internet here at Marlife is around 1Gbps (that’s 1000Mbps). There’s also 3 different lines, so you have a backup in case of a problem.

It’s also important that the WiFi signal is strong in all areas of the coworking space, so make sure you check the strength of the signal at both your desk and in meeting rooms and phone booths before committing to a space.


Desks and furniture

It may seem like a small thing, but quality of the office furniture can affect your productivity and comfort, as well as your posture.

Make sure your coworking has ergonomic office chairs that you can adjust and desks with plenty of space for all your equipment.

ergonomic desk and chair

Natural light

78% of remote workers say that natural light improves their overall happiness and wellbeing. Unsurprising, these factors can also impact concentration levels and the amount of work you get done.

The coworking space at Marlife’s central hub on Calle Larios is located on the fourth floor with lots of natural light from several double doors leading onto a balcony. 

Outdoor space

This is a real luxury, especially if you are located in a city centre. A patio, balcony or roof terrace gives coworkers an additional area to take calls or enjoy lunch.

We’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous terrace with views of Malaga Cathedral and Calle Larios.

Phone Booths

If you take a lot of calls or are involved with virtual meetings a selection of quiet dedicated spaces to conduct them is critical.

Make sure that phone booths are adequately soundproof and have fans or air conditioning for those got Malaga summer days.


Meeting Rooms

If you are a small company using a coworking or you frequently meet with clients face-to-face, access to a meeting room big enough for all of you. 

Marlife has 2 meeting rooms (as well as 6 phone booths), that are available to book in advance of when you need them.


It’s the small things that can make your day-to-day work life that little bit better. The level of creature comforts in each coworking will vary, so make sure you ask about the following things.


Coffee and tea

High quality coffee is important. Although most coworking spaces do have a coffee machine, some of these are vending-style machines that you have to pay extra for.

All coworkers at Marlife have unlimited access to coffee that will make any aficionado happy, freshly ground and brewed in our top-of-the-range machine. We also have a wide selection of infusions and teas.


Shared items

Is there anything more annoying than starting the day at work and realising there’s no milk in the fridge for your coffee?

Some coworking spaces operate a policy whereby the workers themselves are responsible for buying shared items like milk and condiments. 

(at Marlife, we take care of all of this for you)


Kitchen and cooking facilities

When trying out any space, make sure you check out the kitchen. Is there plenty of space to sit and enjoy your lunch? Is there a toaster, microwave or grill?

How important these things are depend on the individual but at a bare minimum a kitchen with a fridge to store things and somewhere to sit is essential.


Of course, you may decide you would like to have lunch out in one of Malaga’s many tapas bars or restaurants. The location of a coworking largely dictates the kind of services you will have immediate access to. 



No matter your preferences, there is an area of Malaga that will cater to you. Think about what is important to you.

Some people love taking a walk along the beach everyday, in which case Malagueta is a great location to consider finding a coworking space.

Rooftop Terrace View

If it’s access to restaurants, shopping and services in a beautiful historical setting, then the city centre might be a better choice.

Marlife has coworking spaces available both in Calle Larios and Malagueta!


Places to have lunch

Malaga has limitless options when it comes to places to eat. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Lettus: Healthy salad bar that also offers wraps, poke and fruit bowls. Marlifers get a special discount.
  • Viznaga: Located just a 10 minute walk from Calle Larios, this bar offers tapas with a modern twist. Plus, coworkers at Marlife get a 40% discount on food.
  • Puerto Cristal: Puerto Cristal serves delicious Mediterranean food. They have a selection of tapas but also delicious salads, fish and paella. Their kitchen is open all day long. All Marlife members get a 10% discount on their bill.
  • UnoSiete: This unfussy takeaway offers homemade Spanish favourites such as garbanzos, paella, ensalada rusa and more, with prices as cheap as 4 EUR. With our special members card you get one lunch free for every 10 you purchase. 


Local gyms

gym If you like to workout during your lunch break or immediately after work, there are several gyms around the city centre to choose from. 

One of the best options is O2 Centro Wellness El Perchel, where Marlife members have a discount on membership. This sports complex has a robust gym, a swimming pool and even padel courts. 


Transport options

From our coworking space in Calle Larios you have easy access to all other parts of the city via the Atarazanas metro station, just a 2 minute walk away. There are also many buses departing from Alameda Principal, right on the doorstep – including a direct bus to Malaga’s fantastic international airport. 


What makes a locally run coworking space stand out over chains like Regus or Monday? As well as slightly less generic corporate surroundings, it’s the community.

If this element is important to you it’s really important you consider the following things when looking for a coworking space in Malaga.



TerraceAsk about your coworking’s agenda of events. This can be afterwork drinks, lunches to local restaurants or organised trips for hiking and cultural events.

These occasions are a great way to bond with your fellow co-workers and meet new people in general. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore different parts of Malaga and Andalucia in good company. 

Keep an eye on our blog for the latest on Marlife’s events.



Often, businesses running a coworking space also offer private offices for companies. This means through common areas you’ll have access to a range of business contacts, which is critical for remote workers and entrepreneurs who may need to outsource work or collaborate with others for projects.

Additionally, coworking spaces also host networking events. Marlife has previously hosted networking events Malaga Minds and wellness workshops from Flow by Nina.

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