How to meet new people in Malaga and make friends

Making new connections as an adult and developing them into friendships can be daunting. Especially if you are new to a city or are a digital nomad moving from place to place.

Andalucia is known for its warm and welcoming people, but the robust international network in Malaga also makes it a great choice for those who want to meet like minded, open people.

Here are a few ideas for how you can meet new people in Malaga, with specific recommendations:

Coworking spaces

Of course we may be biased, but Malaga’s coworking spaces are a great way to introduce yourself to new people who also have the digital nomad mentality. 

The routine of going to a dedicated work space and having bite-size social interactions can help break up the day and fight off the loneliness of working from home.

As well as the opportunity to have lunch and afterwork drinks with your fellow coworkers, the businesses behind coworking spaces often organise events, trips and nights out that anyone can attend. So if you are brand new to a city there’s no need to be shy, there will probably be other people in the same situation as you.

To learn about the latest events happening at Marlife, keep an eye on our blog. In the past we’ve organised everything from coffee tasting to hiking to nights out during important local festivals such as San Juan.

Networking events

What if you are not a member of a coworking space but still crave some professional interaction, with the added opportunity of making new friends? 

Malaga offers a range of groups hosting regular networking events and inspirational talks from professionals in many different sectors. 

Some of the most popular groups like this in Malaga include:

  • Malaga Minds
  • Startup Oasis
  • Digital Marketing Malaga
  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • She WINs

You can read a full breakdown of what each group has to offer, and what to expect at their events here.


Moving away from professional settings, team sports are a great way to interact with people without the awkward pressure of an organised event. Normally there are also enough options in Malaga that you can choose whether you want to take part in English or Spanish – if you are new to Spain and the language this is a massive advantage.

Below are some of the most popular choices for group sport in Malaga.



This extremely popular sport has gone from strength to strength here in Spain, despite only being invented in the 1960s

The best thing about pádel is its simplicity, so it is a great choice even if you have never played it before. Unlike tennis, players are always in teams of two (with four people on the court in total), so it is inherently social.

Popular courts include Ático Padel Club in Perchel Sur and Padel Malaga Indoor, located around the Teatinos area.

If you are looking for other people to play with there are several groups on Facebook that can help with this including Yo también juego al Padel en Málaga and Live Padel Málaga. And offline of course, if you talk to anyone in Malaga it’s pretty likely they will play padel or know someone who does.



Malaga has a thriving dance scene, so if you love moving your body to music there are lots of opportunities to dance and make new friends whilst you do it.

Popular dance styles include Bachata and Salsa, although you can find classes for pretty much any type of dance in one of the many academies in the city.

If you are looking for a gentle introduction to Bachata or Salsa, with the opportunity to meet new people there are low-cost classes at Muelle Uno that are open to everyone. For more information take a look at the International Bachata Class  and COEO’s Salsa Beginners Class groups on Meetup. Both classes cost just €5 for two hours of lessons.

Once you’ve found some fellow dance enthusiasts, you can practice with them at Malaga’s main dance clubs – Muévete, Sala Sandunga or Atrévete in Torremolinos. 


Volleyball / Beach Volley

This is a great option for those who love the beach and spending time outdoors. Being a team sport, it is also super social.

Social group COEO runs beach volley socials every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for all levels. So even if you are a total beginner or just curious about volleyball you can join in.


If you’re not really into sports then don’t worry, there are plenty of non-physical activities where you can meet new people and nurture friendships too. Below are some ideas.


Board Games

Malaga has many groups catering for games enthusiasts including Malaga Board Games Meetup and a Dungeons and Dragons club. For digital nomads and internationals, the great news is that the main language of these groups is mostly English.


Mindfulness, Meditation, Spirituality 

The city has a very welcoming community of people who engage in various types of spirituality practices on a regular basis. Although things like meditation may appear to be a very personal activity, these groups also give you an opportunity to meet like minded people.

Some events that run regularly in Malaga include:

  • Show Up: Held at sunrise every Wednesday in La Malagueta beach. This group focuses on a mix of meditation, movement, breathwork and sea swimming. You’ll feel great afterward and form bonds with your fellow early risers. 
  • Flow by Nina: Held regularly here at Marlife, a mix of yoga and movement therapy classes and workshops to create body endurance, flexibility and strength while calming the mind.

Language Exchanges

If you are looking to meet and improve your Spanish skills at the same time, then these will really suit you. 

The most popular exchanges that happen every week in the city are Malaga Activities’ Sunday Language Exchange and International Meetings hosted by The Coolest People in Malaga on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Although it sometimes feels like technology is making us less social, it can be an amazing tool for connecting with others in the same city as you and fostering new friendships.



This one may surprise you – did you know that popular dating app Bumble also has two additional versions? 

With Bumble BFF you can “match” with potential new friends near your location based on common interests and values. 

Bumble Bizz allows you to expand your professional network in the same way, but of course there is also the added benefit of meeting new people, albeit in a business context.



You may have noticed that many of the links in this article go straight to pages hosted on Meetup. This is because it is without doubt the leading place to discover groups and events in your area, no matter what your interests are. 

list of malaga events on meetup


Facebook Groups

Although people are now favouring apps like Instagram over Facebook, the groups search function is a great place to find people looking to make new friends and do things together.

Some groups you can start with are Malaga Digital Nomads, International People in Malaga and Connecting Malaga.

Hopefully the above has given you some ideas for how you can meet new people in Malaga and make friends. The most important thing is to be yourself and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

If you would like to join our community at Marlife’s coworking space, please contact us to book a tour!

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