Renting an on-demand meeting room in Malaga: How to find the right one

Whether you’re looking to meet with clients, host a team building day or facilitate a workshop – the venue you choose can either enhance or hinder the experience.

This guide takes you through all of the things you should consider when selecting a meeting room in Malaga.

These include:


The great news is that Malaga has a large number of meeting rooms that you can rent on-demand. However, you may want to consider the exact location of your venue carefully depending on several factors. Where are your attendees traveling from? How will they arrive at the meeting? Are you taking clients to lunch and need a range of restaurant options?

Centro (city center)


  • Wide range of lunch options
  • Easily accessible by bus or metro
  • Walking distance to the beach and port
  • Commutable to the airport and train station


  • Prices may be more expensive than other parts of the city

The city center is steeped in history and culture, making it a very attractive location for your meeting. Marlife is located in Calle Larios, the main shopping street of the historical centre, and offers two meeting rooms: Valparaiso (which fits up to 8 people) and Bondi Beach (which fits up to 12 people).



  • Very close to the beach
  • Walking distance to historical center
  • Good selection of lunch options


  • Less commutable to Malaga airport and Maria Zambrano train station.

If lunch in a Chiringuito on the beach is your style, then Malagueta offers you a scenic neighbourhood close to the city center with instant access to the beach.

Around Malaga Maria Zambrano train station


  • Excellent connections to the rest of Spain, both by train and coach.
  • Easy access to the airport and city centre.


  • Less scenic than the city centre.
  • Fewer options for a working lunch.

If you are meeting clients from other parts of Spain this neighbourhood makes it very easy to reach other parts of the country. You have slightly fewer options for meeting rooms around here, one being the Regus on Plaza de la Solidaridad.


When it comes to hosting a meeting, the qualities of the facilities you have access to are critical. Poor Wifi signal or a poor set up can make your event far more stressful than necessary.


Make sure when booking your meeting room that you ask for specific details about the WiFi. 

  • What connection speed can you expect? (most on-demand offices should have a speed of at least 300mbps). 
  • How strong is the WiFi signal in your meeting room?
  • Is a direct connection through an ethernet cable available?

Technical set up

Is there a screen in the meeting room you are considering? If so, is it big enough for your purposes? Are there conference calling facilities available?

Remember to also ask whether spare HDMI cables, extenders and converters are provided or if you need to bring your own. The latter can be particularly important if you are a Macbook user, as these have no HDMI cable socket. 


Phone booths

If one of your attendees needs to make a call, it’s an advantage if there is a dedicated space they can use that gives them a quiet and private environment. Phone booths are usually more common in business hubs with a coworking space.


Although often overlooked, the setting of your meeting can make all the difference. Is there anything more demotivating than being stuck in a cramped, windowless room all day?

Consider the following:

  • Natural daylight: As well as being good for mental and physical health, this has been shown to increase worker performance by up to 15%. 78% of workers also say that natural light improves their overall happiness and wellbeing. You will get a lot more out of your meeting if your guests or clients feel relaxed and focused.

  • Outside space: Giving your guests access to outside space provides them with the opportunity to get some fresh air and take calls. Despite being located in the city center, Marlife is lucky enough to have a beautiful roof terrace, which is accessible to anyone who rents a meeting room. Perfect for enhancing your coffee breaks!
  •  Heating and air conditioning: Here in Malaga, summer temperatures can reach in excess of 30+ degrees. A plug-in fan isn’t going to keep your guests comfortable, so ask if there is AC in the room you are renting.
  • Soundproofing: This is especially important if you are connecting with other clients or colleagues via video or conference call. Distracting noise from other parts of the building can disrupt the flow of your meeting or workshop. 

At Marlife you have two meeting rooms to choose from.

Bondi Beach meeting room has capacity for up to 12 people and is flooded with natural light from three double balcony doors. The room looks out over the historical street of Calle Larios and Alameda Principal. You can book this room online here.

Valparaiso is a modern meeting room with space for up to 8 people. It has been decorated with luxury in mind and is perfect for a focused workshop with your team or clients. Book this room here


Those small extra touches can help your attendees feel at home and improve the outcome of your meeting or workshop. 

This can include access to:

  • Filtered water at a range of temperatures
  • Quality coffee (some business hubs only offer instant coffee – not an inspiring way to start the day)
  • Snacks like cookies and fruit. 

Both meeting rooms at Marlife include quality coffee on demand, freshly ground and brewed by our top of the range coffee machine. Plus there’s filtered water and a range of teas for the non-coffee drinkers. 

There’s also numerous lunch options nearby. If your colleagues or clients fancy some tapas, Viznaga is only a short walk away. If you are looking for a quick and healthier option, Lettus salad bar is just downstairs and provides delicious salads, wraps and poke bowls. 


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Marlife offers the best choice for on-demand meeting room in Malaga city centre.


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-27 at 13.04.09

1 Hour= 15€+VAT

Half Day= 55€+VAT

Full Day= 100€+ VAT



1 Hour= 25€+VAT

Half Day= 90€+VAT

Full Day= 130€+ VAT

Bondi Beach


1 Hour= 30€+VAT

Half Day= 100€+VAT

Full Day= 160€+ VAT

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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