The best business networking groups in Malaga for remote workers and entrepreneurs

Are you a Malaga-based remote worker and want to take your business or career to the next level? Networking can provide you with the means to meet other entrepreneurs or freelancers and expand your web of contacts. 

Here’s some other ways networking can enhance your professional life:

  • Meeting peers working in the same field as you means you can learn from them, troubleshoot problems and come away with actionable insights.
  • You can learn about new job opportunities from contacts you’ve made before they are advertised publicly. 
  • If you are thinking about a career change, you can use networking as a way to get to know people in multiple roles. This way you can learn about their day-to-day tasks, career paths etc before making the jump.
  • Networking events often feature talks on a variety of subjects. This can include a critical element of any business, such as marketing, or a more generalist subject like productivity, wellness and work-life balance. 

The good news is that Malaga is host to a wide range of networking groups, some will suit everyone and some are more appropriate for those working in a particular industry or discipline. 

If you are thinking of starting your own networking group, it’s also never been easier! Apps like Meetup are a great place to advertise your networking event and there are many venues across Malaga that can be your venue (including business hubs like Marlife).

Below are some existing networking groups, with events that regularly take place in Malaga:

Malaga Minds

Founded by Marta Macy and Valmore J. Mendoza, Malaga Minds organises events where the focus is developing the mindset and means to achieve your professional goals. 

Events usually consist of one or two featured talks followed by the opportunity to network and have a drink together. In total the events usually last around 2 hours and take place on weekday evenings.

These meetings bring people from all walks of life together with the shared interests of self-development and unlocking personal or business success. So the networking element of these events are a great opportunity to meet and be inspired by people with a growth mindset.

Event examples:

  • Malaga Minds Rooftop Talks: Awareness and habits that sabotage your life.

You can see where and when the next talk will take place on the Malaga Minds events page.

Startup Oasis

Startup Oasis is the networking group for founders and developers, as well as UX, UI and product professionals who work within a startup. This group is open to all, including those who are simply curious about startups or have an idea they might like feedback on.

This group organise events with a range of formats including workshop, round tables, fireside chats and panels. They also run pitch or business idea “doctor” sessions, where group members can present their business ideas or models and receive feedback from an audience with knowledge and experience in running startups.

One of their more informal events is the Innovation Cafe – where members meet up simply to share their experiences or bounce ideas off one another.

Events take place 2 to 3 times a month.

Event examples:

Digital Marketing Malaga

Run by marketing experts Alexandra M. Sims, Pablo Clavero and Luis Sánchez – Digital Marketing Malaga (or DMM for short) run monthly(ish) meetups for those working in or curious about marketing.

Talks cover a range of topics including SEO, advertising, content marketing and strategy. Although some sessions are more technical, there are many opportunities for business owners or professionals in other departments to learn more about the function of digital marketing and how it can take your organisation to the next level. 

After the talks, attendees frequently go out for dinner and drinks together. This is a great opportunity to network and speak with people in a variety of roles within marketing.

Event examples:

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

This group, run by transformative coach Andreas Hofmann, combines business, personal development and spirituality. Despite the name of the group, the spiritual element here is simply the understanding that “you are whole and complete and that everything that you really need is always with you”, rather than subscribing to any particular religion or style of spirituality. 

These meetups take many forms including beach parties and group activities like boxing, as well as more traditional talks on a given topic. 

A key element of these meetings is to provide a space where you can feel comfortable asking for help or guidance from others, especially if you are feeling “stuck” in your professional or personal life. And of course there is the opportunity to network with and learn from like minded individuals.

Events take place around twice a month at a range of venues in Malaga. 

Event examples:

She WINs – Women’s Initiative Networking

If you are a woman looking to connect with others professionally this group is for you. Hosting around 2 events a month, this group aims to empower women by helping them reach out and learn from others. 

She WINs’ event schedule comprises traditional networking, workshops and panels – with the intention of attracting women at any stage of their career, as well as encouraging its members to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. 

Event examples:

Where to find out about networking opportunities in Malaga

If you want to research and find out about more business networking groups in Malaga, you can use the following resources:

  • Meetup (app)
  • Facebook (search “malaga networking”)
  • Local coworking spaces and business hubs

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